Nina Danjuma
Nina Danjuma
UK social editor

Along with being a dedicated and prolific interrogator of diversity and inclusion, Nina Danjuma is a culture and purpose-driven creative thinker.

With over 7 years social media experience working agency-side with the likes of Audi, Lavazza, first direct, Universal Pictures, and Samsung, as well as client-side with TKEES, Right to Play, Save the Children Canada, ASOS and TikTok – Nina continues to bring a fresh and thought-provoking perspective to every project.

Nina founded Safe Suppers in 2019, a passion project created as a safe space for professionals, more specifically, minority groups. This was a way to cultivate an atmosphere for people to feel empowered and invited to be themselves in a working world moving at lightning speed – while acknowledging the important distinction between ‘person’ and ‘employee’.

Nina is passionate about staying connected to the humanity of creativity and the people who fuel the ideas we know and love. She is a self-proclaimed champion of ‘love-centred existence’ and believes the absence of love is why a lot of us get it so wrong sometimes – in life, at work and everywhere else in between. A shift in focus on the small moments and the little things we love has the power to do a world of good