Rani Patel Williams
Rani Patel Williams
business partner & #BrandShareTheMic co-founder

Rani Patel-Williams is the business partner at youth marketing agency, Livity and industry voice with 13+ years experience. Rani holds the firm belief that brands can be purposeful, affecting real change at a local and societal level. Throughout her career, she’s turned this belief into reality time and time again, delivering impactful, female-led category work.

Notable pieces of work where she led the partnerships include an Adidas London campaign championing female visibility and challenging fixed ideas about inclusion in the spheres of sport, art and culture, and a ground-breaking campaign for breast cancer charity Coppafeel! which put the UK’s first naked female breast on daytime TV and saw an upsurge in public awareness of breast cancer prevention.

Rani uses her voice in media to discuss the race issues within the industry and brand world through her writing for industry and consumer press such as Campaign Magazine, Marketing Society and Vogue. She also has her own radio show on female led radio station Foundation FM, #BrandedBlack which discusses how Black culture and identity has shaped global culture and has in some cases been commodified in Western culture. She is also co-founder of #BrandShareTheMic , launched in response to George Floyds death, an industry platform that gets big brands to hand over their social platforms to young Black creatives.

Alongside her role in the industry Rani runs her own brand and creative platform FANGIRL inspired by Black and LGBTQI+ club culture, the brand looks to serve marginalised communities first.