Best of the Best

Chosen by our head judge as their personal favourite and announced at the award ceremony. All entries are automatically considered.

Change Maker of the year

We're looking for someone who has pushed the boundaries when it comes to diversity & inclusion, or brand purpose or social responsibility. Enter yourself, a colleague or an individual outside or you organisation.

Team of the year

Describe the structure of the team and their marketing activities over the past year in relation to social purpose. Demostrate how the team has gone beyond the call of duty and the impact on the company.

Best in Brand Purpose

Recognition of how a company drives brand purpose forward within an organisation, looking at the integration of marketing/brand/CSR as well as culture and staff engagement.

Best in Community Engagement

Recognition of how a company has engaged in their local community to make a real difference and long-lasting legacy.

Best Brand/Charity collaboration

Recognition of how a brand has helped highlight a cause and engaged their own staff in the partnership as well as created a long-lasting legacy.

Innovation of the year

Recognition of best practices of innovatation and a different way of thinking in a social good campaign

Best Use of Technology

Recognition of how technology can be help make a greater impact in social good campaigns

Best PR Campaign

Recognition of best PR campaigns to help social good campaigns, looking at objectives, media channels and results.

Best Digital Campaign

Reconition of best digital campaign for social good, looking at objectives, campaign, results and anything else which makes it stand out.

Best Social Media Campaign

Recognition of best social media campaign for social good, looking at objectives, platforms and engagement levels.

Best Video Campaign

Recognition of best social good video, looking at objectives, the role of video, creativity and impact.

Best Stunt of Live Event

Recognition of best stunt or live event to highlight a social good cause, looking at nature of the event, creativity, impact and results.

Best Content Marketing Campaign

Recognition of the best social good content marketing, looking at objectives, storytelling and media channels, impact and results.