We believe that doing good is good for business!

At The Drum, we strongly believe that marketing has the power to change the world. We are witnessing a new era of Marketing, where diversity, inclusion and social good practices within organisations are essential to help create and shape impactful marketing campaigns. That’s why we’ve re-named our Marketing can change the world awards to the Social Purpose awards which we believe encapsulates everything that represents modern-day marketing. Through our awards we’ll be celebrating all organisations, whether Brand or Agencies, who are champions of change, and driving a more diverse, purposeful and socially responsible representation of marketing today.

Entry Deadline - 5 September 2018

Awards Ceremony - 20 November 2018


What is Do It Day?

Where The Social Purpose Awards celebrates socially responsible marketing campaigns launched in the past year, Do It Day empowers Marketers to work on 'live' socially responsible campaigns over a period of 5 weeks. The best Do It Day campaign will automatically be entered for a Social Purpose award.

Do It Day 2018 - Supporting Children

This year, Do It Day will focus on supporting children with their mental health, wellbeing and equal opportunities. Confirmed charities setting marketing briefs include: UNICEF, The British Dyslexia Association, Ditch the label, gingerbread and Sustain.
Do It Day Hack -  9 October

Do It Day Launch - 20 November