At The Drum, we strongly believe that marketing has the power to change the world. We are witnessing a new era of Marketing, where diversity, inclusion and social good practices within organisations are essential to help create and shape impactful marketing campaigns. That’s why we’ve re-named our Marketing can change the world awards to the Social Purpose awards which we believe encapsulates everything that represents modern-day marketing. Through our awards we’ll be celebrating all organisations, whether Brand or Agencies, who are champions of change, and driving a more diverse, purposeful and socially responsible representation of marketing today.

Entry Deadline - 3 September 2018

Awards Ceremony - 20 November 2018

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2016 Results

The Results have been announced, take a look at the full list here.


Marketing Can Change The World Awards | 2016

The First Ever Marketing Can Change The World Awards took place on 10 Nov 2016.
Did you attend? - check out our gallery here.